Make Fitness Accessible To Everyday People.

Train By Fire is championing everyday people through fitness and community. Whether getting your gym setup, upping your supplement game or just wanting to look good in a comfortable shirt, we’ve got you covered with quality gear and personalized customer service.

With our commitment to community, both local and abroad, each purchase allows us to fuel the revitalization of the human spirit through people oriented organizations. Your barbell is building strength in more ways than one. Shop with us and #igniteyourlife

We stand on the following four pillars:

1. Provide accessibility to the best products all in one central location

2. We’re here to serve you. Treat each and every one of our customers as we want to be treated

3. Give back to our community

4. Continually initiate and maintain sustainable business practices

We want to provide you with the best shopping experience possible. Do you have feedback for us regarding products or our service? Send it our way and we will be happy to listen.

Check out our Causes page to find out more about how you can get involved.

Michael Maher, Founder & President