Train By Fire is passionate about giving back to our community, both local and abroad. A portion of every sale goes towards helping the causes we have chosen to get behind. Community can be helping an athlete that would otherwise not have the means to pursue their dream, giving someone shelter for the night that is without a home or furthering recovery for those who are battling addiction. Buy with confidence and rest assured that every purchase is making a difference. Know that you can do more than just buy; you can buy with a purpose. We appreciate your support.

Michael Maher, Founder & President

City Gospel Mission

The focus of this Cincinnati-based organization is to rehabilitate Men, Women and the Youth of the community that are without housing, food or are suffering from addiction and need help breaking free. Their numerous efforts, such as the Men’s Recovery, Women’s Recovery, Transitional Housing and Hot Meal Programs are bringing cohesiveness back to lives that once seemed destitute.  Proceeds of your purchase will go to help these individuals get back on their feet. At Train By Fire we are committed to our local community. To find out more about City Gospel Mission go here.

Honor Our Heroes Foundation

Veterans are a huge part of our country and our heritage as a nation. The Honor Our Heroes Foundation is helping showing appreciation for those veterans by facilitating recovery from the effects of their service, due to the copious amounts of stress experienced, and get them assimilated back into civilian life. To see more of what Honor Our Heroes Foundation is doing or if you are a Veteran looking for assistance please visit them here.

House of Bread

Dayton, OH’s House of Bread is committed to their mission statement; to prevent hunger and serve as a bridge to beneficial community resources. Their service has provided 30 years of hot lunchtime meals to those in need in this community. While at lunch, several resources are provided to the individuals such as making a phone call, referral to an emergency shelter or finding a preschool for their children. To find out more about the Rowing Fundraiser we are sponsoring, please see the events page.

Wounded Wodders

Wounded Wodders is using Crossfit® as a way to help wounded and injured Veterans recover and adapt. Their focus is on filling in the gaps that a normal program may overlook to ensure that these wounded Veterans are feeling empowered to take on another day. Through their long term therapeutic recovery program they seek to improve Veteran’s physical, cognitive and social behavior. To check out more of what Wounded Wodders is doing or if you are interested in applying for assistance please visit them here.