Sarah Skinny Jeans by Fran Denim

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Fran Denim has created a line of jeans that are geared towards the more athletic build of humans out there. Have you ever had jeans fit your thighs but the waist is super loose? If you go with a jean that is true to waist size then your doing a leg press into the legs of the jeans making for an intense and unwanted workout. You've already been to the gym. Plus how does it feel to wear a 34 when you're really a 28? Straight up depressing. Forget that mess and check out the various styles that Fran Denim is offering. We wear them and you won't be disappointed. Made in the USA.
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  • Sarah Skinny Jeans for Athletic Build
  • Dark stone wash with handsand and whiskers
  • 30″ Inseam
  • 10″ leg opening
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Super stretch denim that allows movement with a contoured fit
  • Athletic jeans with a glove-like fit